Caliz is specialized in the calibration of measuring instruments.

Caliz is specialized in calibration of measuring instruments. The calibrations take place in a conditioned lab with traceability to national and international standards.

Licensed calibrations

Caliz is a RvA licensed calibration lab with registration number K152. Which stands for high quality standards.

Traceable calibrations

Caliz calibrations are traceable to national and international standards.

Everything under one roof

Caliz calibrates instruments for different fields of a company, all calibrations under one roof.


Caliz is a brand independent calibration lab.

Years of experience

Caliz consists of a team with years of experience, each specialized in one area.

Instruments transported safely

Caliz offers a specialized and reliable courier service with years of experience in the transport of measuring equipment.

Caliz calibrates, among others, for companies from the following sectors:
• Automotive industry • Defense • Pharmaceutical industry • Laboratory / Research • Metal processing • Museums • Process industry • Transport • Packaging industry • Aircraft maintenance companies • Food industry


Caliz meets the high quality standards of the RvA.

Regarding COVID-19

The lab is open and the services are the same. However, if official guidelines change, it may need to be revised. Should this cause a delay and/or reduce accessibility, Caliz counts on your understanding.